Sunday, 6 March 2011

Learn Ice Hockey Rules Now !

Hello, and Thanks for visiting my website, I'm a big fan of Ice Hockey, however not alot of people know much about Ice Hockey or the Ice Hockey Rules, may be you just watched the game and liked it and that is why you are reading this?, anyways that is the reasons why i wrote this post, to help you learning the Ice Hockey Rules.

Ice Hockey Regulations: 

Playing Area:
The Playing Area is the first part of ice hockey rules consists of a thin Ice sheet called "The Rink", it has to be divided by one red line in the middle and 2 blue lines, when it comes to the length of the Rink it varies,  American Rink is 200X85 feet, and larget in european hockey Rinks, the Rink has to be enclosed and surrounded by boards and plexiglas, when it comes to the zones of the surface there is Three Zones:
1) Defending Zone: that is where the net located, the team defends for his goal net in this zone

2) Neutral Zone:  it is the Middle Zone between Defending and Attacking.

3) Attacking Zone: it is the zone where the team has to attack opponents Net Goal.

 Teams and Players:  
 In Ice Hockey Rules, each team consists of 6 players, 1 Goaltender, 2 Defense-men  3 forwarders (Attack), the goaltender can't move from his place, the other 5 players can move anywhere in the rink, the goaltender can't move after the red line in the middle, the game only begins when the referee drops the puck between 2 forwards from opposing teams, and also the game continues this way when it is stopped for any reason, the match is 60 minutes in 3 halfs, so there is 20 minutes per half, if the game finished with a draw, then we move to the sudden death which means the match continues and the first team who scores wins the match.

the Penalties occurs when a player don't obey the rules, like fighting with the opponent, kneeing, elbowing, checking from behid :D, using the stick in a dangerous way, there are two types of penalties:
1) Major Penality: the player sent off for a 5 minutes.
2) Minor Penality: the player sent off for a 2 minutes.  
when a goal is scored the penality ends, that is about penalties in ice hockey rules.

there are 7 referees:
2 of them to find out if the rules are followed properly or not
1 time keeper
1 official scorer   
2 goal judges
1 video goal judge 

The Ice Hockey Equipment:
 there are three main Ice Hockey equipments, the Net, the Puck, the Stick, in addition to safety equipments like helmet, elbow and shin guard. 

that is it, Enjoy your Game, and i will be glad to discuss the ice hockey rules with you.